Greetings to you all and I hope life is treating you kindly.

Mams and Dads - Ed is running juniors on Saturday. Myself and others are away at Durham Chess Congress in Darlington. If one of you could stay and work with the absolute beginners it really would help - you just need to know the moves and have a tiny bit of patience . Meanwhile we have two more assistants doing their DBS check so this really should be a one off. Please drop me a line if you can help.

I'll do a bigger summary next week but very busy this. So for now here is a link to the local press coverage of Tom Krause's visit to Poland in support of Ukraine refugees. Mine translates when I follow the link - shout if yours doesn't. And thank you Tom


Greetings All. Another brilliant weekend and thank you all for that. Two matches on Monday, a couple of county games and 40 people through the door. On Saturday 21 juniors. All we need to is make sure everybody enjoys and comes back!

Of the matches our Regents team booked their place in the D3/2 promotion play-offs with a fine win over Gateshead. Congratulations to them

This Monday is Bank Holiday. Juniors is on as normal Saturday, as is adults on Monday. But be aware on Monday Bank Holidays the club runs karaoke, so you'll be exposed to sights and sounds you might never though possible  


Morning All.

Hoping you have done a review for us as per last week ask. If not......Please Google Gosforth Chess Club. On the right hand side you'll see our club, directions etc. Scroll down that and add a Review please.

Yesterday and next Wednesday did/doing an afternoon at Gosforth Junior Academy. Hoping for junior recruits. Any parent who thinks doing the same at their local school good idea please get in touch.

As the end of league season approaches we need to think of next. I suspect we'll field more teams. More teams = more captains. Again, anybody who is interested, please drop me a note. Like most things, it's not hard/stressful unless you make it so - and you'll get whatever support necessary

Before then we have summer. We are looking out three outdoor events (June, July, August) pending feedback from Urban Green. Likely a monthly 10-minute event every month at our club. And am pitching a proposal to our committee soon wrt our own internal league. This will keep our momentum going at a time when a lot of clubs go into hibernation. Adults and Juniors will be engaged and (in case you wondered) Junior club will continue throughout.

That's plenty for now. Hope you're all well and remember - you are the best advertisement for this club - so maybe next week fetch a friend

See you Saturday, Monday, or both - Mick


Please Google Gosforth Chess Club. On the right hand side you'll see our club, directions etc. Scroll down that and add a Review please. Every review increases our hit rate and chances of catching the next Leoni, David or Bob

Our posters are now in 20 Metro stations So this Monday we had our first new recruit via that campaign - David.

We also had our very first adult 'never played chess before' joiner in Leoni. So we have one we can have more. Have any friends who'd like to play but don't know the moves, send them our way. They wouldn't be alone and we can set up a rota for teaching beginners.

On a more sombre note our club is supporting the ECF request not to engage chess players affiliated with Russia or Belarus. If that causes anybody an issue please let me know. And on the same subject...

My wife and I are willing to provide a home to any Ukrainian family left homeless by the war and looking to find refuge in the UK. If you know anybody then please let me know. Equally if you are similarly inclined and/or have any ideas how we - in our modest way - can do something to help people affected please shout.

See you Saturday, Monday, or both - Mick


Latest results -

D2 Salters 2-2 Morpeth B Salters 2nd but teams below have games in hand

D4 Morpeth C 2-2 Ivy Ivy stay 4th

D3 Newcastle Uni 2-2 Regents Regents 2 pts from top and 2 pts from bottom, close!

D4 Leam Lane Comets 1-3 Centurions Centurions top with 6/6

D1 Morpeth 1.5 - Empire 2.5 Empire 3rd and require 1 more positive result to assure D1 chess next season

All in all we should be happy with this. The target this season was just to give as many games as we could, whilst fulfilling our fixtures. And despite five teams we often have extra players. Well done everybody.

Juniors - 22 last week. That's not the norm yet as some are still 'toe in the water' but again a fabulous turn out - and trust me they're not bad either

Numbers at adults slightly down last Monday. And knowing you all I doubt that was Valentines commitments Let's start getting busy again.

See you Monday - Mick


22 at our juniors today. Every week I worry will it be ok, interesting enough, will they be back next week? Every week I go home buzzing. Thank you tons parents and most importantly, juniors. And if you're reading and wondering - we do 10 till 12, every Saturday, Gosforth Empire on Salters Rd. 


We were well represented at the NCA Rapid Play yesterday and it's very difficult to know where to start.

First off a big thank you to Tim Wall for organising - especially so when he might have been competing.

Joint winner Major Tournament, William Robinson with 4/6 (yes, one of our juniors). Runner Up Minor Ben Robinson with 5/6. Winner Junior Tournament Daniel Tong (10/12), Runners Up Aaditya Bethanabatla and Bruno Szczygielski with 8. All Gosforth Juniors. Also.....

Open/Major, myself 4, Marcos 3.5, Max 3, John 3, Ian 2.5

Minor, Albert 3.5, Tom 3.5, David Cushing 3

Junior, Arvind Bethanabatla, Aaron 6.5, Vivian Orujova 4

Seventeen Gosforth members of whom eight have attended our junior club. A very very good day and thank you so much for being there. We are enjoying a very lucky run with juniors and adult newcomers over the last six months. Let's do everything we can to keep it going

See you tomorrow (and/or Saturday) - Mick


Our Centurions team won their D4 clash again South Shields C on Monday 5-0. Well done them and noted that the whole team are newcomers to the club this season 

Juniors on Saturday was great. 16 turned out. I was thrilled by the numbers and enthusiasm.

Remember the Forest Hall event Feb 5. I need to know from mums & dads especially so we can plan our session for that day.

That's about it for this week really - which is plenty when you think about it!

See you next Saturday (Juniors) or Monday (All).


Club Update 08/01/2022

Well, the Happy New Year kicked in quickly for us this week with Empire winning 3-1 at Leam Land (D1 Tuesday) and Regents won 2.5 - 1.5 at Gateshead (D3 Thursday). These wins temporarily put us top of all four divisions - but at this stage I think Irn Bru rather than Champagne is the order of they day! Still nice mind

Juniors resumed today (Saturday) and was attended by 8 very keen 'wide awakers' with more to follow I think. Mams and Dads reading - children are still welcome on Monday nights, we're open from around 7. Given homework/domestics the best way to integrate might be by playing 25 minute games, which qualify for our Rapid Play trophy. If you're coming let me know and I'll try and sort games.

So Monday beckons. Salters host Tynemouth B in Division 2. Lets have a good turn out (please) and start clocking up those Club and Rapid Play games.

Very Best - Mick



Find us on Monday nights after 7pm at the Gosforth Empire Club 32-34 Salters Rd, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1DX, UK