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Hi All,

Coming up - 

Monday (4th) - Club night as usual and Summer KO semi-finals - 

    Cup   Salters v Woodbines

    Plate  Empire v University B

And on the 11th our AGM/Presentation night

Our fund raiser for Owen's 84 mile Hadrian's Wall walk is now at £205. Thank you so much for your generosity and I'll be collecting as of Monday coming. Although he has completed his challenge there is still time to donate if you wish to.

Last but not least - we say 'adios' to Marcos before he departs for Italy. Saturday quarter past 5. Match then maybe Hight St. You're very welcome to join us, there won't be a dry eye in the house.


Hi All,

On Monday night our Regents went down 1.5 - 2.5 to the University B team in the Plate KO. 
Otherwise just some dates for you this week -

14/08/23  – MATCH NIGHT 5 Standard time games to get your ECF rating firmed up

17/08/2023 - Fundraiser by Mick Riding : OWEN'S WORK IN BORNEO ( 

One of our juniors is doing Harian’s Wall walk this month (84 miles, 4 days!) to raise funds for a visit to Borneo next year. His visit will entail a month's hard labour doing a range of activities in restoring/improving local community facilities. If you can and haven’t already, please click on the link to see what and support his venture. 

19/08/2023 – CHESS IN PARK, JESMOND DENE. We’ll be ready from 11, stay till 4. Set up near Pets Corner & Café. Fetch family & friends and……offers of help very welcome  

21/08/2023 – BLITZ NIGHT 5. Latest and last round of David's Blitz grand prix. 

26/08/2023 – NORTHUMBRIA MASTERS Four day event, several sections.  

11/09/2023 – AGM, TBA so date just pencilled in for now 


29/09/2023 – NORTHUMBERLAND WEEKENDER  Our annual weekender at The parks, North Shields, with four sections.

08/10/2023 - BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP BLITZ, NE QUALIFIER. Starts 11 a.m. at the Empire. 15 rounds of 3+2 blitz chess UK Open Blitz Championships 2023 – English Chess Federation

14/10/2023 – CAFÉ BEAM FUNDRAISER Juniors will be on as usual and in the afternoon we’ll run a quick play event, 6 rounds 10 minutes per game. All money raised that day will be donated to Café Beam 

Enough? Hope to see you Monday - Mick


Greetings All.

Last Monday our Ladder Competition was launched. Check the (blue) notice board for rules and/or just ask Mark or Ian if you're not on and wish to be. Or post me.

The ladder takes the place of our Newcomers competition. However, all games played to date in the Newcomers and Summer match nights will be collated and posted for grading within the next two weeks. My laptop suffered a malfunction and is in repair at the mo, hence the delay, sorry.

In the NCA Summer Team KO our Empire team went down 1-3 to Forest Hall, whilst Salters progressed to the Cup semi-final by beating South Shields. Our other remaining teams are Woodbines - with a Cup quarter final to play against Forest Hall D and Regents with a Plate quarter-final to play against the University B team.

The region will be hosting two events in the near future - 

  Northumbria Masters - Aug 26 to 28, for details go to Homepage - Northumbria Masters Chess Congress  and/or email and

  Northumberland Weekender - Sep 29 to Oct 1, for details go to Home | 58th Northumberland Chess Congress or simply catch me on Monday night. In particular the Foundation section here will give newcomers a great chance to flex their muscles

Enough for now - Monday continues to be a good night and thank you for the great turn outs.



Big surprise this week was our Woodbines KO of Tynemouth A, 2.5 – 1.5 for our boys, well done lads J 

Saturday’s event at Gosforth Park, damp but worth the effort. Thank you to all who turned up - including MP Chi Onwurah! Thank you Alex Blake for helping set up and the kind souls who stayed and cleared up. Next up is Jesmond Dene on August 19. I am currently corresponding with the Council to add a Town Centre event in September 2024. Couple of pics attached and Chi's Twitter link from Saturday - 

Monday witnessed another great night with 34 entering David’s 4th Blitz event with another 10/12 downstairs. Blitz winners were - Open: Gustavo Leon Cazares 7/7, Major:: Stefan Hartmann, John Liddle 5/7 (=1), Minor: Thomas Cameron, Rory Burke 4.5/7 (=1), Junior: Feitong Wu, Jinfan Chen 3.5/7 (=1). Blitz5 is August 21st, looking forward already :-) 

Our Club Championship is close to concluding. Gustavo Leon Cazares, as previously announced is our new champion, Paul Costello is our Minor champion, Ray Devenney and Paul Costello play off for the title of Major champion, Emma Salazar is our Junior champion and David Pritchard wins the Best Performance award. 

Meanwhile in far far away Leicester, our Junior champion Emma was scoring 2/5 in the Penrose U2000 section of the British Championships. Extremely creditable when you consider this was 4 draws and a single loss against opponents who out rated her by 113 points per game. Well done Emma. 

Another small nudge for Owen's Hadrian's Wall venture if you haven't yet sponsored and wish to. Link is  - 

Our intention to walk through games this Monday might run aground as our top two teams are now playing KO matches. Still bring your games in and we’ll set something up for August 7. 

I think that’s it for now, so nice weekend and see you Monday - Mick


Saturday 22nd is Gosforth Park. From 11 till 4+. Regardless of weather. Come when you want, leave when you want - and in between pray for sunshine. We have invested since Exhibition Park and am hoping our display will catch the eye. Please bring friends and family - and perhaps some might want to stay for beer and chats after - in the Empire lounge  

Monday 24th is our next Blitz event, 7 rounds of 5+2 chess. Turn out to date has been great. Downstairs available as ever for those who prefer.

Reminder of Owen's Hadrian's Wall venture if you haven't yet sponsored and wish to. Link is  -

In the Summer Plate our Jedis went down 0-4 to a very strong Forest Hall B, our Ivy team 1.5 - 2.5 to Newcastle University B and our Centurions drew 2-2 with Gateshead A but lost on tie-break. I believe calls for "Sack the board" were heard echoing down Salters Rd on Monday night.

I am now collating results of rated games for submission to graders and will confirm I've got everything with you guys sometime next week.

Think that's it for now and see you soon


Thank you all for continued good attendances and really good nights. This Monday we have Match Night 3 and our Ivy team take on University B.

Saturday 22nd is Gosforth Park. From 11 till 4+. Come when you want, leave when you want - and in between pray for sunshine. We have invested since Exhibition Park and am hoping our display will catch the eye

Been to Ashington Academy this week doing lessons. Previously done West Jesmond Primary and Gosforth Junior Academy. If your son/daughter wishes me to do same at their school I will, no charge, Promotes the game and club 

Finally, one of our juniors is walking Hadrian's Wall to help fund a trip to Borneo next year. I've set up a fund raiser, please visit and if you can donate to his cause - 



Things bubbling away in the background and a couple of announcements - 

Club Ladder. Mark (McKay) has purchased one. We have draft competition rules and will launch soon.

Car Stickers. Yep, you read me right £3 a shot. A chance to enhance your car and spread the good word, catch me Monday while stocks last

July 2 is the upcoming South Shields blitz. 9 rounds of 5 minute chess. Start 11 a.m. at The Word. Post if you're interested but need transport.

Monday night is a 'free' night so if you have Club, Challengers or Summer games outstanding here's a chance to catch up Hope to see you then. 


Saturday  - Exhibition Park. (1) Facebook  , go here and scroll down to Posts for update and pics. MP Chi Onwurah and Councillor Rob Higgins visited, the latter will now pursue Chess Tables in local parks. And thank you to everybody who helped on the day, especially Daniel and Alex - plus parent and juniors. We'll do this next year and better

Monday  -  Davids 3rd Blitz. Super well run, no hitches with top placings - 

Open 1st Dave Mooney 7/7 2nd =Tim Wall and James McKay 5/7

Major 1st = Ed Dodds, Stefan Hartmann and John Liddle 5/7

Minor 1st = Colin Ripley, Alex Blake and Thomas Cameron 4/5

Next event is July 24

Tuesday  - Refugee Day at North Shields, with David Henderson (good guy) from Tynemouth. Link for report - Mick Riding - Lovely day yesterday supporting North Tyneside... | Facebook  

In the NCA Summer KO our Jedis team drew 2-2 with Morpeth B but went out on tie-break rule and our Ivy team lost 4-0 against Alnwick despite some good performances. So 8 teams entered and 3/3 knocked out so far - room for improvement! Don't despair - there is a Plate competition for first round losers

Congratulations to Gustavo (Leon Cazares) for winning our club championship. Other awards are still in contention pending last round games.

Remember July 2 is the upcoming South Shields blitz. 8 rounds I think of 5 minute chess. Post if you're interested but need transport.

I think that's enough excitement for now. See you next week 


Morning All.

Saturday - The first of our Summer events.  We are at Exhibition Park starting from 11 until around 5 or I give in to my beer cravings. If you can make it please do. Stay as long or as little as you like. 'What Three Words' reference is stones.traded.bars, but basically we're close to the Urban Green cafe on the right as you go through the main entrance. Last years was good fun and attracted plenty of passing interest. 

Monday - The 3rd (David Armbruster) Blitz Event. 7 rounds of 5+5 chess and a chance to knock over one of the (so called) big guns. The wonderful cocktail of David's organisation and you guys turning up makes for a great night

Monday gone saw our Centurions team crash out of the Summer KO. We beat Tynedale 3-1 but the handicap system required us to score 3.5 or 4. Still there's the Plate competition to come

July 2 is the upcoming South Shields blitz. 8 rounds I think of 5 minute chess. Worth supporting - these are good guys. Entry form can be found on their website Home | South Shields Chess Club and post if you're interested but need transport.


Hi All and hope you've all had a nice Bank Holiday and/or Half-Term.

This week Jedis went down 1.5 - 2.5 to Morpeth 3s in our promotion play-off. Great shame but a great effort to get that far in the first season for our U18 team.

Monday night was super enjoyable and a turn-out of 19 was really quite something on a bank holiday

Remember the 24th is David's first Summer Blitz, so if you intend playing please post It's a lot easier for him uploading entries to the tournament software in advance, rather than having to do on the night.

This Monday we have a friendly match against Tynedale, else a normal club night and

Of course Juniors from 10 on Saturday too. Some easier puzzles this week!

Best - Mick


Morning All,

Juniors as usual Saturday, 10 till 12. Usual format but plan to make last session of every month a mini competition of 10-minute games, starting April 29.  These will aggregate up and at end of August we'll announce some winners based on an individuals best 3 performances - which (I hope) takes care of missing some due to holidays etc

Still welcoming any more offers of help with juniors as per my last ask.

If anybody out there is good at handicraft or can get their hands on an old-fashioned competition ladder please post me - we need one.

Round 5 of our club championship has been posted. Please organise your games as soon as possible to keep to Bob's schedule.

There is a friendly match against Tynedale on the 17th. David will organise our team for that. Following which - 

The 24th will be our first Blitz event of the summer. David is organising and please support it if you can. 

In order to accommodate two of our teams being involved in promotion play offs and our other activities, our Summer Match Nights will now start on May 15.

Junior and Adult attendances continue to be excellent - thank you for that. Likely to be fortnightly during the Spring/Summer months.


Saturday's fund raiser for the Empire club brought in £184.50. 34 played in our quickplay event with Gustavo winning the Open, James McKay the U1800 and Ethan Ross (just 11 years old I think) the U1400. Full results are at Our next scheduled fund raiser is not until Sep 16, this will be for Cafe Beam, Gosforth Smile For Life Childrens Charity

Monday's presentation by Andrew Burnett was attended by 34 and (I thought) was good. Over ran but a first for him and us, no harm done. Copies of his Street Fighting Chess will be given to some club members for their audience participation on the night. Meanwhile - feedback please? Would you like another or do you have ideas of your own that you'd like the club to consider?

Usual club night this coming Monday and juniors on Saturday. Marcos and David are covering juniors, be kind to them please Meanwhile pencil in - 

April 17 - David has a friendly arranged with Tynedale and I will be organising our first Summer 'Match Night'

April 24 - The first of our Summer Blitz events, which will run monthly through to August 21. David is organising these so if you plan to play please.

I will look to post next round draw for the Newcomers Challenge this week. And

We will soon be posting a full calendar of event on our website Gosforth Chess Club Home sometime soon.


Thank You Gosforth Empire

Winners were Gustavo Leon Cazares (Open), James McKay (U1800) and Etan Ross (U1400). They will receive commemorative plaques.

We raised £178 for the Empire Club - with three promised donations to collect.

During the summer we will be running Monthly quick plays, David Armbruster will post you invitation.

Without your attending these events would die a death. So please keep supporting if you can and encourage your friends. Next up for us (wrt charity rapid plays) at the moment is Sep 16 - fund raiser for Cafe Beam in Gosforth - Smile For Life Childrens Charity  Hope very much you can make that


Thank you all for a great night Monday. Plenty going on and afterwards downstairs was buzzing. Imminent diary dates - and if you can support these please it will be well appreciated - 

March 11 - Chi Onwurah will be vising our Junior Club. So mams and dads, if your youngsters can be there in force great. No idea of the what/when, but if our Member for Parliament can spare some time for us, it's not going to harm.

March 18 - Thank You Gosforth Empire. 6 rounds of 10 minute chess. Starts 2 p.m. £4 adults, £2 juniors. Proceeds go to our host club. Juniors will be on that day as usual.

March 20 - Andrew Burnett Presents. Two hour session with a nice and well travelled man sharing his chess life experiences and other stuff. Hopefully a precursor to other events of this kind.

Be sure to see you soon - Mick


As announced last night - Saturday March 18 we will run a 6 round, 10-minute chess event. Start will be 2 p.m. Adults entry fee £4, juniors £2. People are obviously welcome to pay more if they wish. There will be commemorative plaques awarded to the winner and highest placed U1800 and U1400 players.

All proceeds will be donated to our host club, Gosforth Empire. Against Just a way of saying "Thank you" for the wonderful hospitality we are shown week on week. Hoping for your typically positive response


The MP for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne plans to visit junior club March 11. Mums and Dads please note - big profile opportunity here! This Saturday will see us attempt R2 of our junior championship. Don't worry if you're missing, I'll sort catch up games. 

Big challenge this coming Monday. We have four matches on. If you are planning to play a Club, County or Newcomers Challenge game please let me know as it will help us setting up. 

Results this week -       

Monday Empire went down 1.5 - 2.5 to Forest Hall A in D1, whilst Woodbinews drew 2-2 with Forest Hall E and now need two points from their remaining two games to guarantee finishing top of D5. On Tuesday Hawthorns consolidated their D4 status with a 2-2 draw away to Leam Lane Bullets.

Our Newcomer Challenge is now underway. The draw is out. If you are a newcomer and haven't registered there's time yet, just post me.

That's plenty for now. Monday was really good (I thought) wrt attendance and noise levels. Hope you agree and see you Saturday, Monday or both.

Very best - Mick 


Hello again

Week to date has seen Regents 2-2 Jesmond in D2 - fine effort, Salters 3.5 - .5 Morpeth B in D2 - going top, Jedis 1.5 - 2.5 (a strong) Tynemouth D in D5 and Centurions 2.5 - 1.5 Alnwick A in D3. As the season approaches it's final rounds many of our teams have something still to play for - all good

I will issue the draw and rules for our Newcomers Challenge today. Think we're up to 18 now but room for more.

Reminder Club Championship R3 is due to complete March 1.

Juniors Saturday and Adults Monday as usual.

Hope to see you at one or both - Mick


League update:

With just over a month left all our teams have vital matches ahead:

Empire: 2nd in Division 1. 2 points from the last three games will guarantee safety but will be aiming top get a top two position!

Salters: 1st in Division 2! With 3 games to go it could all come down to the final game against their nearest rivals Jesmond A! 3 points will guarantee a playoff spot.

Regents: 3rd in Division 2 with 3 games to go. 3 points of each play off spot, we need 4 points to be mathematically safe but if we pull a big result off on Monday we could still be in the hunt for a promotional play off spot.

Centurions: 4th in Division 3, the closest division in the NCA league. 2 points are the difference between a promotional play off spot and a relegation play off spot! 3 crucial games to go but all in our own hands!

Ivy: 1st in Division 4! Only one point needed to secure a playoff spot however if they equal Forest Hall results in the last three games they will win division 4.

Hawthorns: 4th in Division 4 with 4 games to go. Have a 3 point gap on being in the bottom two and a critical playoff spot.

Woodbines: 1st in Division 5.  4 points from the last 3 games will guarantee 1st place and promotion to Division 4.

Jedis: 2nd in Division 5 and with 3 games left a promotional play off spot is all in their hands

Fantastic place to be in and an exciting end to the season!!!


In matches this week. Empire score an important D1 win against Tynemouth, Hawthorns stayed top of D4 with a 3.5 - .5 win over Morpeth C and jedis kept up their D5 promotion push beating Alnwick B 5.5 - 1.5.

I have 15 entries presently for our Newbies Challenge. I'll be organising ready for this Monday, if you are new to the club and wish to play in a competition (helps everybody to get to know each other), please post me.

Ian and David are doing juniors on Saturday.

Attendances continue to be high. 52 at adults (okay, two matches on) and 34 juniors. Fantastic frankly. Let's keep this going - and if you have any suggestions as to how we might improve please share



Headliner this week is our very own Dominic Chapman has secured £500 support from his employer durhamlane, in support of our entering a team in the 4NCL Junior tournament. Am awaiting a schedule for this but a big "Thank you" to them and Dominic and a little nudge - if any of you feel you might be able to do the same please let me know. Remember, we are the ECF's Club of the Year, must count for something 

Newcomers - please post me if you wish to compete in our Newbie Challenge competition. Am sorting details and expect to post entrants in time to kick off Feb 13.

The MP for Newcastle, Chi Onwurah, has stated an interest in visiting our junior club after the February recess. I don't have a specific date yet but regardless of political persuasion - let's make it a big one for our club and the Empire. 

Monday night - more newcomers and a great atmosphere. We are thrilled at this. The simple fact why we continue to grow and people come back is now seriously down to you guys - witness the attached article from last Friday's Chronicle. Just keep it going

Matches this week have seen Salters 3-1 v South Shields B, Ivy 2-2 v Leam Lane Bullets, Woodbines 2-2 v Tynemouth D and Regents 3-1 v Morpeth B. Tonight am off to watch Centurions v Forest hall B - that'll jinx things

Juniors kicked off our championship on Saturday. Still time to join if people couldn't make it. Usual session this Saturday, starting at 10.

Our R3 Club Championship draw is out with a deadline of March 1 to complete your games. Round 3 draw.

Tired now and sure you are. But happy. See you Saturday, Monday or both.


A wonderful night Monday and thank you all for that. Busy chess players and a really warm atmosphere downstairs later. We're getting there :).

Juniors too was great. 24, all super keen and on best behaviour. We fielded three coaches for the first time too. This week we'll be kick off our junior championships. Not obligatory - we will have fun games and lessons for those that don't want to compete. There'll be a Championship and a Challengers to play for. If you're not able to be there don't worry, just let me know you wish to compete. I'll sort the why/wherefores out this Saturday.

On the adults front 

  • A reminder in February (that's next week) I'll be organising a Newbies Championship, so if you want in please post me
  • From February we're going to run a Game of the Month competition. Antonio Stipanovic will judge. Don't run shy of this please. You don't have to be one of the clubs top players to win, nor play the perfect game. Any entries will be judged based on circumstance, player standard and of course the quality of the game. Play a good game, copy the score sheet and you never know....

That's plenty for now. Always have a look in case you're missing something. This week you'll see Emma Salazar is leading our 'most improved' competition. Next week I'll add how our guys are doing in the county championships


Back to business then. 

Juniors 10 till 12 tomorrow. Really enjoyed last week's party and thank you for the support.

Just one match this week, our Ivy and Hawthorns teams playing out a 2-2 draw. Bit busier next with six of our teams in action!

That's plenty for now, hope to see you Saturday or Monday


Reaffirming our previous post and advising - book now to avoid disappointment!

The Adult Party will be Dec 19 from 7:15. Please arrive early to help us get underway on time. We will run an 8 round 5 minute competition but with a twist - each round will be a different variant of chess. Fun and every chance for a giant killing here and there. Some prizes but nothing too heavy - it's a fun event after all. Afterwards buffet and beer (for some) downstairs. Teenagers from junior club are welcome. 

The Junior Party will be January 9th, from 2 o'clock until about 4. Here we will have a chess ladder style competition and some goodies to hand out, your children won't be disappointed.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. It's been a fabulous 12 months, let's give the year a good send off.

Very best - Mick



Christmas Parties - Adults is Dec 19 from 7.  

Juniors will be Dec 17, likely 2 till 4. 

Fabulous night Monday - 62 visitors. Not all Gosforth players or even players, but all welcome. So thank you for that.

On the night Centurions and Ivy both went down 1.5 - 2.5 to Forest Hall C and D respectively, whilst our mighty Jedis remained unbeaten with a 2-2 draw against Leam Lane Comets.

Woodbines aim to consolidate their D5 top spotb against Alnwick B tonight whilst Regents round off a busy week against South Shields B tomorrow.

That's plenty for now - see you Saturday (juniors), Monday or even both!

Best - Mick



Selection of pics in this folder

On the 5th of November Gosforth Chess Club ran its first ever charity event and raised £294 for cancer research and support charity Tickled Pink. The event was inspired by member James McKay who used the challenge as part of his ongoing BTEC Business Studies course. 

On the day 27 players participated, including nine juniors under 15 years. Brian Towers was arbiter and prize winners were  

  • OPEN James Ross with nine points from ten rounds
  • U1800 Marco Checchi, celebrating a long awaited and popular return to the club with 6 and
  • U1400 Ten years old Vivian Leigh with 5.

The club were delighted with the event and the amount raised, with many players and non-players making substantial contributions. More are planned for 2023 as the club looks to promote its ‘more than just a chess club’ ethos within the Gosforth community.


Weekend coming there is a Junior event at RGS school. 10 till 4 - go to NJCA RGS Congress 26/11/22 – Northumbria Junior Chess Association ( for details.

Of course our Saturday junior session is on as usual.

Junior Christmas do Dec 17. Adults Dec 19. Details will follow.


Good night Monday, hoping for more of the same this week. 

Juniors as usual, Saturday 10 o'clock. Mams and dads set your alarms please

The week just passed has been a good one with wins for Woodbines, Jedis (our development and junior teams), Salters, Centurions and Ivy. Hawthornes and Regents came croppers but we'll take 5/7. In Centurions match v Alnwick A Ian Chester scored a notable win over George Ellames whilst our mighty Jedis were out graded on every board in beating Tynemouth D 3-1 - with Emma Salazar's score for the season now a modest 6.5 from 7 games!

Christmas is on the horizon. We will be having a 'do' - well, two actually - juniors and adults. Those of you at club on Monday, any thoughts please feed them into Antonio. Parents - post me or speak Saturday. We aim to please

Nice weekend - Mick


Morning all. 

A busy week ahead with the fixture schedule reading - 

Gosforth Hawthorns v Leam Lane Bullets 2022-11-14

Gosforth Ivy v South Shields C 2022-11-14

Gosforth Salters v Morpeth B 2022-11-14

Tynemouth D v Gosforth Jedis 2022-11-15

Alnwick A v Gosforth Centurions 2022-11-16

Jesmond A v Gosforth Regents 2022-11-17

Forest Hall E v Gosforth Woodbines 2022-11-17

So expect to be hearing from your team captains soon if you haven't already

Juniors on Saturday, the usual 10 till 12 but we are downstairs as a party is booked upstairs. 

Our Empire team drew 2-2 at Tynemouth A in last Tuesdays D1 clash. 

The Tickled Pink collection completed at a quite astonishing £294. 

Other than that I'd check out the attached ppt. I think it reflects the busiest week ever for our club - perhaps for any club in the North East. So a big well done and thank you from our committee and captains. Any ideas how we follow it please?

Nice weekend - Mick


Coming up - 

If you didn't know - Saturday 2 p.m. is James McKay's Tickled Pink event. Please be there if you can. Also Saturday, juniors as usual 10 till 12. 

And of course Monday club night. No home matches so if you have club championship games to organise please do!

Busy night Monday. 59 at our club, might take some beating who knows? I got to club about 10 to 7 and we were half full, lots of chat and a wonderful atmosphere. Match time was almost perfect in terms of quietness. We're getting there.

Over the board our Centurions went down 0-4 to a strong Forest Hall B but Regents beating Morpeth B 2.5 - 1.5 and Woodbines beating Tynemouth D 3-1 more than compensated. Then last night Ivy went to Leam Lane Bullets and won 2.5 - 1.5 - and still three fixtures to go this week!!

Christmas we plan some kind of 'do' - December 19 likely, juniors will have their own event. Any suggestion as to what we might do please post.


Big reminder please to support this event if you can. It is an initiative from James Mckay. Starts 2 p.m. next Saturday, likely finish half 5. £5 adult, £3 junior. 10 5 min + 2s games. All welcome. Revenue raised goes to the Tickled Pink charity in aid of Breast Cancer research and support. The Empire is giving us the venue free.

If you haven't informed James you are playing yet please 'Reply All' to this mail. 

If you wish to contribute but can't play there will be a collection bucket at the club on Monday or make a donation to Gosforth Chess Club, 55-50-34, 62085786 using reference TP2022.

If you're coming maybe wear something pink on the day


Another big night and thank you all for your continued support.  So on Monday - 

Our Empire team won their D1 match against South Shields A 3-1,  The visitors turned up short but am reliably informed we'd have beat them anyway Meanwhile our Ivy team were seeing off Morpeth C 2.5 - 1.5, so a good night all round. And last Monday our Centurions drew 2-2 with Newcastle University A - a very creditable effort.

This coming week we have - 

Juniors on Saturday. We'll run a blitz competition this week - just as a warm up for Nov 5, Tickled Pink - and I'll work with those who don't want to play Blitz.

Next Monday our Regents are home to Morpeth B in D2, in D3 Centurions take on Forest Hall B and D5 Woodbines take on Tynemouth D. On Tuesday Ivy visit Leam Lane Bullets, Wednesday Jedis go to Alnwick B, Hawthorns take on Morpeth C and on Thursday Salters visit South Shields B. So seven teams in action - busy busy but would you want it any different? Indeed, pretty sure we're setting a record here.

A little downstream James McKay's Tickled Pink event is on the horizon - Nov 5. Please mail if you haven't already and wish to play.

Before wishing you farewell, a final ask. In the background we have some exciting initiatives underway to grow the profile of the club. I'll share these after our next committee meeting on Nov 17. Regardless we are always on the lookout for people to support ongoing activity - particularly juniors. So if you have any time, skills and willingness to help - or know somebody who does - please let me know. Contacts with £sd very welcome as we're looking to put three chess tables in local parks this year - @ £700 per - so a local sponsor would be very welcome!

And enough for now


First off thank you for a fabulous turn out this weekend. 27 at juniors followed up by 47 at adults Monday night. Stunning. 

Now a quick moan before moving on. 47 people is a lot of chess sets, empty glasses and other bits for somebody to tidy at the end of the night.  Next week please return glasses to the bar and if you're there and see somebody putting sets away - please offer to help them.

On the night our Jedis (first ever U18 team) Woodbine (first lady captain) teams drew 2-2 in D5. We fielded extra boards here with Jedis scoring 2.5 - .5 but these won't count for match result purposes. Meanwhile in D2 our Salters beat Regents 3.5 - .5.

At the weekend NJCA held a junior event and we were well represented by Emma Salazar 5/5 in the Senior event and Jacob Colbeck 3/5. In the U11 Ethan Ross scored 5/7, Eleanour Dodds 4/7 and James Dodds 2/7. Well done them.

Coming up we have James McKays Nov 5 Tickled Pink event, please get your entry into James soon as if you intend to play. And those of you playing in our club championship - the R1 draw is out so time to get games organised/played.

Afternoon All.

Saturday is Juniors from 10. There is a NJCA event on on Saturday too, good luck to our guys if you're going there. If you've not entered and are interested, go to Upcoming Events – Northumbria Junior Chess Association ( 


Monday there are three matches -

D2      Salters v  Regents

D3       Centurions v Newcastle University

D5         Jedis v Woodbines

So a busy night featuring our first ever Gosforth junior team. 

This week in D4, our Ivy team beat our Hawthorns 3.5 - .5, whilst in D1 our Empire team drew 2-2 at Morpeth.

James McKay's Tickled Pink charity event is Saturday Nov 5. Details will follow next couple of days. 

Our club championship is now underway, if you've entered then you will have the first round draw from Bob. And the County Championships are underway - I'll start reporting results after R2.


A great start to the new season, 2 matches and 34 people in total at our club night.

Next week 5 of our teams are involved in 3 home matches. Why not get yourself down to Gosforth Chess Club


Greetings All

Short and sweet then......

      Juniors on Saturday at 10:00. Any mam/dad want to help with beginners? Or engage with mam/dads new to the club? Don't be shy, just let me know.

      Adults on Monday. County games are underway and league match's start Oct 10 with a D4 clash between our Hawthorns and Ivy teams.  Matches start 7:15 and everybody on best behaviour please

Still time to enter the club championship. 


Saturday is Juniors. Over 20 last week. Very enthusiastic. I think we'll be hitting 30 soon. Any volunteers to help please?

Coming Monday just a club night so get there and grab a partner. That said, we've a tendency to then sit and play the same person all night sometimes, so will maybe look to form 'like strength' groups so people can rotate without feeling they're being rude. Let's see. 

Deadline for entry to county individual competitions is this Sunday. It's free. Post if you wish to enter.  David Walker, organiser, will sort you out. There is Zollner, Sell for U2000 rated and Gilroy for U1700.

Weekend of 30th is the Northumberland Weekend Congress, at The Parks, North Shields. I run this. Go to Home | 58th Northumberland Chess Congress to enter. We're up to 114 entries but there's room for more. Beginners/Juniors might enjoy the Foundation section.


Subs are due for adults (£10 full, £5 Associate) - please see Mark (McKay) for these. Plus David (Armbruster) if you haven't confirmed you wish to play league chess this season. David will also advise wrt ECF membership.


Greetings All

Thank you for a wonderful turn out Monday night for our AGM. Very appreciated and I hope you enjoyed. Photos etc will be on Ppt Monday.

Coming up we have - 

Juniors Saturday, 10 till 12 and

Monday Club night. A bank holiday. The club will be open as usual but am mindful there is no public transport. So let's see who shows and what we might do. We can run a Megamatch, if you fancy that please post me. Whether we have 6 or 60 if I know in advance I can organise evenly matched pairings.

At the end of the month - Sep 30 to Oct 2 - there is the Northumberland Weekend chess event. Sections for all strengths. Juniors and lower rated players may care to check out the Foundation. Fancy playing and not sure about anything just ask me.

Nice weekend and hope to see you soon - Mick 


First off - our AGM is on Monday 12th, 19:30 start. All are invited and I am particularly keen you do please. I don't envisage it will run past 21:00. Pie and peas after downstairs

Still room for more at the NE British Championship Blitz Qualifier. Be aware the field is strong. UK Blitz Championships 2022 – English Chess Federation

Last Monday saw our final Summer Blitz event. Overall winners were - 


1st Gustavo Leon

2nd Tim Wall


1st Alan Welsh

2nd Murray Pollock


1st Steve Eggleston

2nd Dave Prichard

Big thank you to David (Armbruster) for this. In particular the spread of players in terms of sex, clubs, age was brilliant.

Juniors on Saturday from 10:00.

That's it from me save to add that our own James Moreby finished 2nd in the Grand Master section of the Northumbrian Master and achieved a performance rating of 2436. Quite an achievement - I'll badger him for a favourite game to help inspire our junior contingent!


Nice weekend and see you Saturday and/or Monday



Trust Monday was good for you despite the crooners downstairs!

Saturday Juniors will be run by Chris and Bob. Brother's wedding for me  We are downstairs this week. Stuff prepped and hope you make it. 

Monday is David's final Blitz event until Christmas. Let's make it a gud un for him.

A great Gosforth turn out at Tim Wall's Northumbria Masters event. More next week but for now Kurt (Moreby) and Laura (Steven) came away with prizes. Well done them and especially well done Tim Wall for putting together such a magnificent event.

Forthcoming events are - 

Sep 11                  North East British Blitz Qualifier. 15 x 3m + 2s inc games. A chance to take down a big gun maybe? Go to

Sep 30 - Oct 02   Northumberland Chess Weekender Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2022. Sections from Foundation to Open. Go to Home | 58th Northumberland Chess Congress

Entries for County Individuals due soon as. Sections for all standards. I have attached the entry for in case you've zapped the original.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday - Mick


Thank you all for a fantastic turn out last night - in particular the committed and supportive parents. Both upstairs and downstairs made for another memorable night and reflected what we're about.

So this week - 

Friday is the start of the five-day Northumbrian Masters event, with a one-day junior quickplay at St Mary's school. For info about this and the other competitions please mail or visit Northumbria Masters – 2022 .  It's not too late to enter. And of course, why not pop in to have a look if you fancy - the whole event runs Friday to Tuesday.

Saturday is Juniors as normal. 10 till 12 at the club. Lessons and games.

Monday is club night. Be aware there is karaoke downstairs on Bank Holidays. Also a few of us will be absent/late as we're playing in the Masters event. But we will be open.

Last note - Mums/Dads no need to offer money for Mondays. Juniors are free. You're doing plenty just being there

Again - thank you all and see you soon.


Next week we have Juniors as usual, Saturday from 10 till 12. If you can be as prompt as possible it would really help as we're hoping to run a little competition for those who want.

Monday night normal club night. Nothing scheduled but if mums/dads want to pop along with children we'll sort them out with games

On Friday 26th there is a Junior event as part of Tim Wall's Northumbria Masters promotion.  Go to Northumbria Masters – 2022 and check out Event Information and Enter Event. The Masters also features a number of sections for Standard rate play running until Tuesday 30th for Adults and Juniors. If we want these events to continue on our doorstep the best way to ensure that is support by entering please 

Last Saturday was good again. Peak holiday period but enough interest to justify the effort. Thanks to Tom (Krause) and Tim (Wall) for assisting with set up/clearing.

Monday Mega Match was 12-a-side and thank you. Again, a good mix of regulars, newbies and juniors. Sadly......

Our D team went out to Forest hall B in the Cup.

So see you Saturday, Monday or both.


Greetings All.

Over 30 on Monday for Blitz3 and another good mix of adults, juniors, visitors. Thank you everybody, especially David for organising.

As per mail heading, we are at Jesmond Dene Saturday, very near Pets Corner, for our final outdoor event of 2022. Turn up anytime from 11 a.m. and if you're really nice and have a car, I might need help getting chairs there - please post if you can help

Next Monday is MegaMatch4. I'll post a separate mail for this - easier for me to organise then.

Also next Monday Bob Heyman's giant killers take on Forest Hall B. Rooting for you guys!

Think that's plenty for now. 


Sadly our C team went out of the Plate last Monday, winning on the night but losing once the handicap was applied. Next year lads.

We still have our D team running in the cup, semi final v Forest Hall B on the 15th I think.
Juniors on Saturday. Chris and David P running this whilst I'm lording it in the Lakes.

On Monday (8th) is Blitz3. 5 rounds of 10 minutes chess. Plenty of prizes whatever your strength. Please give David the best possible notice if you wish to play. And for now......

Nice weekend - Mick


Greetings to you all and I hope life is treating you kindly.

Mams and Dads - Ed is running juniors on Saturday. Myself and others are away at Durham Chess Congress in Darlington. If one of you could stay and work with the absolute beginners it really would help - you just need to know the moves and have a tiny bit of patience . Meanwhile we have two more assistants doing their DBS check so this really should be a one off. Please drop me a line if you can help.

I'll do a bigger summary next week but very busy this. So for now here is a link to the local press coverage of Tom Krause's visit to Poland in support of Ukraine refugees. Mine translates when I follow the link - shout if yours doesn't. And thank you Tom


Greetings All. Another brilliant weekend and thank you all for that. Two matches on Monday, a couple of county games and 40 people through the door. On Saturday 21 juniors. All we need to is make sure everybody enjoys and comes back!

Of the matches our Regents team booked their place in the D3/2 promotion play-offs with a fine win over Gateshead. Congratulations to them

This Monday is Bank Holiday. Juniors is on as normal Saturday, as is adults on Monday. But be aware on Monday Bank Holidays the club runs karaoke, so you'll be exposed to sights and sounds you might never though possible  


Morning All.

Hoping you have done a review for us as per last week ask. If not......Please Google Gosforth Chess Club. On the right hand side you'll see our club, directions etc. Scroll down that and add a Review please.

Yesterday and next Wednesday did/doing an afternoon at Gosforth Junior Academy. Hoping for junior recruits. Any parent who thinks doing the same at their local school good idea please get in touch.

As the end of league season approaches we need to think of next. I suspect we'll field more teams. More teams = more captains. Again, anybody who is interested, please drop me a note. Like most things, it's not hard/stressful unless you make it so - and you'll get whatever support necessary

Before then we have summer. We are looking out three outdoor events (June, July, August) pending feedback from Urban Green. Likely a monthly 10-minute event every month at our club. And am pitching a proposal to our committee soon wrt our own internal league. This will keep our momentum going at a time when a lot of clubs go into hibernation. Adults and Juniors will be engaged and (in case you wondered) Junior club will continue throughout.

That's plenty for now. Hope you're all well and remember - you are the best advertisement for this club - so maybe next week fetch a friend

See you Saturday, Monday, or both - Mick


Please Google Gosforth Chess Club. On the right hand side you'll see our club, directions etc. Scroll down that and add a Review please. Every review increases our hit rate and chances of catching the next Leoni, David or Bob

Our posters are now in 20 Metro stations So this Monday we had our first new recruit via that campaign - David.

We also had our very first adult 'never played chess before' joiner in Leoni. So we have one we can have more. Have any friends who'd like to play but don't know the moves, send them our way. They wouldn't be alone and we can set up a rota for teaching beginners.

On a more sombre note our club is supporting the ECF request not to engage chess players affiliated with Russia or Belarus. If that causes anybody an issue please let me know. And on the same subject...

My wife and I are willing to provide a home to any Ukrainian family left homeless by the war and looking to find refuge in the UK. If you know anybody then please let me know. Equally if you are similarly inclined and/or have any ideas how we - in our modest way - can do something to help people affected please shout.

See you Saturday, Monday, or both - Mick


Latest results -

D2 Salters 2-2 Morpeth B Salters 2nd but teams below have games in hand

D4 Morpeth C 2-2 Ivy Ivy stay 4th

D3 Newcastle Uni 2-2 Regents Regents 2 pts from top and 2 pts from bottom, close!

D4 Leam Lane Comets 1-3 Centurions Centurions top with 6/6

D1 Morpeth 1.5 - Empire 2.5 Empire 3rd and require 1 more positive result to assure D1 chess next season

All in all we should be happy with this. The target this season was just to give as many games as we could, whilst fulfilling our fixtures. And despite five teams we often have extra players. Well done everybody.

Juniors - 22 last week. That's not the norm yet as some are still 'toe in the water' but again a fabulous turn out - and trust me they're not bad either

Numbers at adults slightly down last Monday. And knowing you all I doubt that was Valentines commitments Let's start getting busy again.

See you Monday - Mick


22 at our juniors today. Every week I worry will it be ok, interesting enough, will they be back next week? Every week I go home buzzing. Thank you tons parents and most importantly, juniors. And if you're reading and wondering - we do 10 till 12, every Saturday, Gosforth Empire on Salters Rd. 


We were well represented at the NCA Rapid Play yesterday and it's very difficult to know where to start.

First off a big thank you to Tim Wall for organising - especially so when he might have been competing.

Joint winner Major Tournament, William Robinson with 4/6 (yes, one of our juniors). Runner Up Minor Ben Robinson with 5/6. Winner Junior Tournament Daniel Tong (10/12), Runners Up Aaditya Bethanabatla and Bruno Szczygielski with 8. All Gosforth Juniors. Also.....

Open/Major, myself 4, Marcos 3.5, Max 3, John 3, Ian 2.5

Minor, Albert 3.5, Tom 3.5, David Cushing 3

Junior, Arvind Bethanabatla, Aaron 6.5, Vivian Orujova 4

Seventeen Gosforth members of whom eight have attended our junior club. A very very good day and thank you so much for being there. We are enjoying a very lucky run with juniors and adult newcomers over the last six months. Let's do everything we can to keep it going

See you tomorrow (and/or Saturday) - Mick


Our Centurions team won their D4 clash again South Shields C on Monday 5-0. Well done them and noted that the whole team are newcomers to the club this season 

Juniors on Saturday was great. 16 turned out. I was thrilled by the numbers and enthusiasm.

Remember the Forest Hall event Feb 5. I need to know from mums & dads especially so we can plan our session for that day.

That's about it for this week really - which is plenty when you think about it!

See you next Saturday (Juniors) or Monday (All).


Club Update 08/01/2022

Well, the Happy New Year kicked in quickly for us this week with Empire winning 3-1 at Leam Land (D1 Tuesday) and Regents won 2.5 - 1.5 at Gateshead (D3 Thursday). These wins temporarily put us top of all four divisions - but at this stage I think Irn Bru rather than Champagne is the order of they day! Still nice mind

Juniors resumed today (Saturday) and was attended by 8 very keen 'wide awakers' with more to follow I think. Mams and Dads reading - children are still welcome on Monday nights, we're open from around 7. Given homework/domestics the best way to integrate might be by playing 25 minute games, which qualify for our Rapid Play trophy. If you're coming let me know and I'll try and sort games.

So Monday beckons. Salters host Tynemouth B in Division 2. Lets have a good turn out (please) and start clocking up those Club and Rapid Play games.

Very Best - Mick



Find us on Monday nights after 7pm at the Gosforth Empire Club 32-34 Salters Rd, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1DX, UK

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